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Galerians slash fanwork

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My fanfic I made a while ago [02 Feb 2016|04:55pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Well here goes. I am not too familiar with LJ but I want to take the time to share a fanfic I made for Galerians. Pairing is Ash/Nitro and while it's an uncommon pairing, I feel I was able to do it justice. Nitro doesn't really have a whole lot of content for her but I wanted to do something...that and I adore this coupling. Takes place sometime during the six years between Galerians and Galerians: Ash. Yeah, this community is kind of dead but here goes.


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Scarily Similar, a fanfic [14 Jan 2010|09:15pm]

A/N: I want to bring this comm back to life...kind of. So I bring crossover fiction! :D Have you noticed, though? Cain and Kadaj are freakishly similar! :O

Title: Scarily Similar
Fandom: Galerians and Final Fantasy Advent Children
Author: angel_gospel  (aka. theladypendragon)
Genre: Humor, romance
Rating: T; implied smut, but nothing graphic
Warnings: Slash, language
Pairing: CainxKadaj
Summary: Cain and Kadaj get therapy for their "mother issues" in the afterlife and find that they have quite a bit more in common, too. The way they bond? Sex, of course.

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modpost [18 Mar 2008|12:28pm]


Fanfiction-related interests are being targeted once again. Make your opinion known: avoid the site on Friday, March 21st. From midnight to midnight, no posts, no comments, no activity whatsoever. (Times in GMT, aka 8:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time Thursday to Friday, 7:00 Central, 6:00 Mountain, 5:00 Pacific.) We will not be shoved to the side like this; fandom is a colossal part of LiveJournal's success, and needs to be acknowledged as such.

More information here and here.
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[26 Feb 2007|07:20pm]

Because I still write, even if you lazy bums don't. :D

Title: Ctrl Alt Delete
Pairing: Ash/Rion
Rating: PG13
Summary: I think I know now why I couldn't hate you from my heart.
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Greetings, and a fic [03 Jan 2007|01:29pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Hello, everyone! My name is Ket Makura--please, just call me Ket. I've been on this community for a little while, but I haven't gotten my fic up on the internet until now. So, I hope I like it here, and I hope you enjoy the fic!

Title: Illuminati
Pairing: Ash/Rion
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Violence. Language. Rape. Possibly disturbing content.


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Rita/Lilia, Psychosomatic. [19 Oct 2006|01:41pm]

[ mood | working ]

Title: Psychosomatic
Pairing: Rita/Lilia
Rating: R
Words: 289

This is your blindspot; it should be obvious but it's not.Collapse )

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Drabble, Amaranth. [08 Oct 2006|09:07am]

Because at least I still care, I come with fic. 8D

Title: Amaranth
Pairing: Rion/Ash (mild)
Rating: Pg13
Words: 109

The Last Galerian merely smiles when All begins again.Collapse )
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Ash/Rion drabble post [22 Aug 2006|11:56am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Just two tiny ficlets...

Title: Nova
Pairing: Ash/Rion
Rating: PG

We can't breathe when you come around.Collapse )

Title: Static
Pairing: Ash/Rion
Rating: PG

All your mental armour drags me down.Collapse )

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Drabble [19 May 2006|12:28pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Because it's been forever since anybody posted, and I found this drabble floating around in my journal from a few months ago, so. Um. :x

Title: Futile
Pairing: Vague traces of ASH/Rion and Rion/Lilia if you squint really, really hard.
Rating: PG
Words: 106

Do you think you can stop me?Collapse )

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omg art. [12 Apr 2006|01:00am]

[ mood | D: uh. ]

rita & rainheart weirdness.

wtf am I drawing?Collapse )

x-posted all over.

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SO GUESS WHAT I GOT, YOU GUYS. [26 Feb 2006|04:14pm]

[ mood | happy ]

The entire Galerians: ASH soundtrack. Nearly out of print and unavailable almost EVERYWHERE -- I present it to you all with love. <3

Several places to get it:

YouSendIt.com -- probably the best one to use, since their site will be MUCH faster than the following two.

BitTorrent (right click, save as) -- use a client like ABC or something similar to open the file and download. I'll be seeding it whenever my computer's turned on.

My site. At the bottom of the page I've listed some info and how to get the files; please use this as a last resort, because 1) it eats up our bandwidth, since the server's at my house, and 2) it'll be a lot slower than the other ones and will therefore suck for you, too.

Enjoy. :D Feel free to host the files on your own servers or websites, if you'd like. No credit required. :3

Crossposted to galerians.

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Steeped [30 Jan 2006|06:15pm]

[ mood | content ]

Title: Steeped
Pairing: RionxLilia
Rating: PG (fluff fic)
Theme: Llewellyn- Just For Today I Will Not Worry
Notes: Spoilers for Galerians (original game).

Read more...Collapse )
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Merry Christmas :) [25 Dec 2005|05:16pm]

[ mood | Artistic / Tired ]


Name: Crimsinner/Blair
Requested Story: Oilspilled Rainbows On Asphalt [CainxRion]
For: cyte00 [Merry Christmas ~]


[+] Title: Machine’s Aren’t We?
[+] Pairing / Rating: Rion x Cain / PG? [I'm not too sure]
[+] Theme: Oil-spill rainbows on Asphalt
[+] Music: Justify by Scott Stapp [I think this also inspired another galerian fanfic idea outta me ^^;]
[+] Disclaimer: I don't own Galerians or characters, though I wish.
[+] Notes: OH GOD...yes...I know, it’s horrible @_@...I still hope you remotely like it, at least.


no one would understand anyway...Collapse )

AHH...well, I hope you like it =) I tried..

I hope all of your Christmas' were absolutely Brilliant! <3

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So. [04 Dec 2005|11:10pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

How 'bout that Secret Santa thing.

Only one taker so far, and...well. That won't go very far.

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[01 Dec 2005|08:04pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I hope this doesn't count as spamming. :X

[Title]: Proof of Life
[Pairing]: ASH/Rion; mentioned Rion/Lilia *gag*, Cain/Rion
[Words]: 170-ish
[Rating]: PG13
[Summary]: My take on the infamous "first kiss" scene, mwaha. :D

Even if I killed you it wouldn't mean a thing.Collapse )

I'm feeling kinda blah about it, but I figured I'd post it anyway...

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Icons [25 Nov 2005|12:47pm]

[ mood | icon-y!! ]

Omg, I'm actually contributing!1 It's a sign, yo...


+8 for your viewing pleasure.Collapse )

Comment, credit, and enjoy. Or not - it's up to you...

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Cycle 15 Challenge // Secret Santa [21 Nov 2005|04:30pm]

[ mood | okay ]

No entries for cycle 14, unfortunately, so...buh. *thinks*

Character(s): Lilia x ???
Theme: moths/butterflies

The Secret Santa thing will work like this:

+ Email me with the following information:

- Name: (your penname/what we'll recognise you by)
- LJ: (duh.)
- Email: (the one you'd like to be contacted at; hopefully the same thing you just emailed me with.)
- Request: (allow for some creative freedom from the author who gets your fic, and try not to make it TOO challenging or squicky, as it's offputting to people and will make this whole project fail. ;[ But otherwise, anything goes -- yuri/femmeslash, yaoi/slash, and het are all perfectly acceptable. You can ask for a non-pairing fic if you'd like, too!)
- Notes: (not familiar with the first game or second game? really uncomfortable with a certain pairing? not able to write ____ character well? include this sort of thing here. conversely, if there are pairings/characters you really ENJOY writing and would love to do, write this here too. it'll help me figure out how to assign things.)

+ Receive your Secret Santa request via email on or around December 1st.

+ Write! Even if you're not tremendously fond of the charcter or pairing requested (and didn't specify your dislike in your submitted info), please write a decent fic for the sake of the recipient. (500 words at least; if you want to make it longer, by all means please do so!)

+ To shamelessly quote LOTR, "Keep it secret, keep it safe!" Don't ruin the surprise by telling your secret-santa person, posting it on your journal, et cetera. Asking other people in the fandom for creative help is fine, but make sure they're not someone who could accidentally be informed of their gift early!

+ Post your fic to galerians_slash on or around December 25th (vacations and such are understandable; if you're not going to be around, please post it earlier) with your name, the story requested, and the person you're "delivering" it to.

+ Have fun! :3

And that's about it! Let me know if you guys have any questions.


(( x-posted to galerians ))
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Plaisir et Douleur [13 Nov 2005|10:58pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: Plaisir et Douleur
Pairing: RionxCain
Theme: S&M
Rating: R
Notes: I *heart* this pairing and how kinky it is.
Yeah... random yet disturbing ficcing.
Not to sound needy, but I really appreciate comments ^_^;;

A deep slash is heard...Collapse )

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Cycle 14 Challenge [12 Nov 2005|12:34pm]

[ mood | good ]

As chosen by neofox:

Pairing: ASH x Spider
Theme: complex

You guys have until Saturday, November 19th to submit your entries. C'mon, people! Write! Draw! Panic! :O

Also also: whaddaya think about a Secret Santa thing? Yea/nay?

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Gift art, really. XD And a request. [11 Nov 2005|08:41pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Since it's so late, this'll just be a gift for crimsinner. Hope you like it. X3 My original idea for this was a lot more...well, violent, but it turned fluffy instead. XD

needles & threadCollapse )

Also: does anyone here have the Galerians: ASH soundtrack? (or the first one, holyshit.) If somebody could send me the mp3s, I'd host them for the group. :O If nobody has it, then I'll try to hunt it down through cdjapan or somesuch. <3 kthx

If nobody objects to it, I'll just post a new challenge today/tonight.

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